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Jan 14 2022 Part II

Jan 14 2022 Part II
... I guess you really need to understand my lack of “emotional base”. Real honest to goodness base.
When I was three I fell down a flight of stairs in Middletown Connecticut. They put me in the hospital in traction for two weeks as a baby, more on that later. And then they put me in a body cast for three months as a baby. No sooner did I come out of that but I was mauled in the face and head by a dog, our neighbors dog. More on that later.

One of my psychiatrist has said that that is so hard wired in me that it’s shocking to him that I’m as normal as I am.

My first school exposure was a year early. I’m from a big family and my older sister is only one year older then me. The school system wanted to put us both in kindergarten at the same time, but separate classes. I cried my eyes out. Chuckie came over and beat me up for being a crybaby. They took me out of school the next day.

The following year When they put me back in kindergarten it was still very traumatic. So I cried and Clayton Dana came over and beat me up for being a crybaby…

School was very difficult for me it was the early 70s…