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Here are some pictures from article about two
different installations I have done here in New Haven, CT.

The first one "A Hardtime With Heather" is from
December 1998 .
The piece is still as it was, which is neat.
It is located at 512 George St. in Bill Saunders house.
The piece was 12x12x8 feet.

The second one , "DryLand Drown" was shown at the John
Slade Eli House in The Amalgamation Show January 2001.

The piece was 14x16x12 feet. This piece did not fair so well, it was thrown out by a then landlord.

There is the first install I ever did, which I have no still photoes of, just video.
The piece , "I Could Never Find The Words", was done in Austin , TX. around 1995.
This piece is in it whole state still, or I'm told.

I am currently work on a new piece "Same Black Line"
which you can see progress on the "On Going Work " page.

copy and paste this link:

to see the installation "Sickie Sick"

copy and paste this link too :
to see a piece i did at LAB