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Jan 21 2022....Dream Scape

Jan 21 2022....Dream Scape
...Last night I had the most incredible dream. I was running up along the banks of a large river with my brother Mark.
We were running on the banks following a massive school of fish that we’re Swimming upstream.
Mark dove in and was effortlessly swimming with them keeping stride. I followed, powerfully swimming with the huge school of fish.
At one point we jumped up on a damn out of the water, as we did the fish became birds. They were big like swans but more muscular and very colorful and swimming like dolphins in a huge pod still moving upstream. We dove back in and followed.
Then,Of course, we looked up the river and there was a car coming towards us. The driver was sitting in the sunroof floating with the vehicle. He threw something at Mark and yelled some sort of obscene gesture. To which my brother laughed and threw him a bird, literally. The car driver got more vulgar. I stopped swimming and turned around. His car got stuck in a gyre, the red light of rivers. I swam towards his car as it spun in the gyre and every time it went around I did something else to it, first I took off its windshield wipers and it’s windows then it’s mirrors, the driver screaming the whole time. My little brother was just laughing…

...Mark and I were mauled by the same dog. The neighbors dog. We both have scars on our faces from it. They took the dog out back and shot it in the head…