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Paul Hammer. The Man, the Legend.

Paul Hammer. The Man, the Legend.
Yes, that’s right. When you get right down to it he did so much more beyond the bicycle culture.
We have lost yet another great person to suicide.
“ When Hammer graduated from college, he worked multiple jobs in theater and performed for a Branford-based improv team at the Stony Creek Puppet House, now the Legacy Theatre. Devil’s Gear Owner Matt Feiner, who competed for the New Haven troupe Snazz 'n' Guffaw, remembered the pluck and wit with which he performed. His first thought—one that he returned to often—was “he is so fucking intelligent.” He was sharp-tongued and funny too, enough to keep the room howling
For the next three decades, their paths continued to cross and deepen. When Feiner returned from living in Austin, Tex. and started working at Baybrook Bicycles, Hammer “was one of the first people that I re-met.” At the time, Feiner said, New Haven was still in the early stages of a bicycle renaissance that Hammer was very much part of. After Feiner left Baybrook to start The Devil’s Gear, the two worked together to make that dream of widespread bicycle access a reality.”
/Lucy Gellman
Peace to You Paul, Godspeed on Your Journey.